Manola Le
Female - Age 22
Born July 24th, 1990


Graduated from the ENSAAMA School of Art & Design in Paris.


2011 / 2013
FORM Lycée des Arènes
Toulouse ( 31 )

2009 / 2011
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres
School of Art & Design
Paris XV

2008 / 2009
ESAIG Estienne
School of Art & Design
Paris XIII

Lycée Pierre Mendès France
La Roche sur Yon ( 85 )


0ctober 2009
Atelier La Presse Purée
Rennes ( 35 )

May to July 2010
MILK magazine
Paris Ier

September 2010 to July 2011
Paris VIII

May to August 2011
Paris VIII

September 2011
Exhibition for the Espace Croix-Baragnon
Toulouse ( 31 )

July and August 2012
Mind Design Studio


Good skills, both written and oral.
High School Level


Good skills
Mac and PC environments.
And Adobe softwares :
Photoshop CS4, Indesign CS4, Illustrator CS4.

+ Basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress functionality.


Typography, Art History, Cinema, Music, Photography, Learning, Travelling, Eating good food.
Currently student
DSAA Créateur-Concepteur Communication Visuelle

A 2-year post-graduate degree in Graphic Design, equivalent to an MA program.

BTS Communication Visuelle
( Graphisme / Edition / Publicité )

Graduated from a 2-year technical degree in Visual Communications (advertising, graphic design, publishing), equivalent to a BA program.

Mise à Niveau en Arts-Appliqués
Foundation course : 1-year intensive program in Applied-Arts.

Bac Scientifique
( mention bien, mention Euro Anglais )

French High School diploma with honours, equivalent to an A-level specialized in Sciences.

Serigraphy workshop.
To begin with craftsmanship.

Intern as a graphic designer for the fashion for kid magazine.
Magazine layouts, advertisings, photo shootings.

Part-time job in the great and luxurious grocery.
(French Gourmet Food - selling pâtisseries)

Intern for the international dancing brand.
Visual communication, photo shooting and editing.

Workshop with Pierre Vanni.

Work placement abroad.
Graphic design, packaging, signage.