ScrapLab Contest

"Non facturée" the sign says.
This is the proof from the laboratory that indicates your photo has been considered unwilled and is consequently offered ( developped for free ) to the photographer.
The photo is blurred, not taken by purpose, too light or too dark , so we judge it as a scrap, we put it in the garbage or we forget it because we just keep the clear ones.

Thus, I decided to work on those forgotten pictures, as a raw material for this contest.
To begin, I re-opened old files of my photos albums. I've checked them all and picked the ones I've never showed to anyone before because of their accidental caracteristic, the outsiders which are technically undone.

And by the gathering of all those pictures, I've realized how beautiful they were. The poor quality of the picture emphasizes the impact on the imagination. They become poetic, the story rises in our mind, we give them another life, another meaning, another destiny.

That's why I didn't want to touch the picture itself. I just meant to wake it up, resizing it and re-printing it on an A4 size.

One photograph is meant to show the reality captured in one unique instant. With those pictures, life becomes abstract, the reality is unrevealed, is in a state of instability.

With the help of different titles I have written below the photo, people become the actor trying to fix the reality by making its own one in its mind, trying to understand the scene of the picture, wondering why it has been framed and exposed.

That was my point : to give a new life to old and forgotten pictures, just by exposing them to the view of everyone, as if a secret has been revealed and we have to take a look at these pieces of life, and make up stories about what is supposely figured.